• People doubt.
    People don’t know.
    People want to know.
    People want answers.
    People ask.
  • People are not sure.
    People are scared.
    People are clueless.
    People ask.
  • People are confused, so are you.
    People are insecure, so am I.
    People want to know why.
    People want to know how.
    People ask.
  • People regret too much after they cry.
    People laugh too much after they win.
    People imagine too much before they approve.
    People think too much before they sleep.
    People ask.
  • People cannot see their own backs.
    People require the help of others; to help comment, to help check.
    People desire other perspectives.
    People crave more votes.
    People ask.
  • People are smart—smart enough to decide, not smart enough to feel safe.
    People are brilliant—brilliant enough to choose, not brilliant enough to stay comfortable.
    People know where to go.
    People don’t know which road to take.
    People ask.
  • People have secrets.
    People carry burdens.
    People dream to be lighter.
    People search for a companion.
    People ask.
  • People then think it is not enough.
    People then feel it is just an endless action.
  • People then understand that it is not about being freed out of troubles.
    People then realize that it is not about discovering the solution.
  • People might not find the light to each darkness anyway.
    People might not get to solve any of their problems anyway.
    People might never know the answer to every question anyway.
  • So why ask?
  • Because all we really need
    is a friend to share with.
14th of May 2013
Your friend,